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Superior Care, Right Around The Corner.

About Us

Why Choose Village Vets?

You can rely on Village Vets to care for your pet in sickness and in health. From routine preventive care that helps keep your pet well, to expert diagnosis and treatment when your pet is sick, we’re here for you with top-quality primary care.

  • Our comprehensive wellness and preventive care is designed to help your pet enjoy a long and healthy life with you and your family
  • Our veterinarians have outstanding training and experience, so your pet is diagnosed quickly and accurately when there’s a medical problem 
  • We’re good communicators who take the time to help you understand your pet’s treatment choices
  • We offer advanced technology like digital imaging as well as holistic services like acupuncture – with care tailored to your pet’s individual needs
  • We’re affordable and provide an exceptional level of attentive, responsive service

Just as important, we’re a team of folks who, quite simply, love animals – and we’ll treat your pet with the same care and compassion we give our own.

When you want superior care that’s right around the corner, turn to Village Vets.
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Our Story and Mission